The ministry assigned the Cinema Department to work closely with departments of culture, sports and tourism of centrally-run cities and provinces and the National Cinema Centre to hold the event.

Accordingly, 10 films will be screened during the week, including four feature movies, four documentaries and two animated films which feature President Ho Chi Minh, the country, people and culture of Vietnam.

In 1943, by applying Marxism and the guidelines of the Party and leader Nguyen Ai Quoc, Party General Secretary Truong Chinh wrote the Outline on Vietnamese Culture (also known as the 1943 Outline on Culture), stressing that the content, nature, organization and development orientation of a cultural revolution can only be associated with the national liberation revolution and a cultural revolution can be realized when the political revolution has succeeded. 

The document defined that Vietnamese culture, consisting of ideology, learning, and arts, “will be liberated by the democratic revolution and freed from shackles to catch up with the world’s neo-democratic culture”.