With the name “Timeless Souls: beyond the Voyage”, the exhibition not only marks a milestone as the first exhibition in Vietnam organised by an international art sponsor and auction house, but it is also one of the largest Indochinese paintings exhibitions here.

During the exhibition period, the organising board displayed 56 works by Le Thi Luu, Le Pho, Mai Trung Thu and Vu Cao Dam, a quartet of painters who graduated from the first courses of the Indochina College of Fine Arts.

With a mission to foster cultural dialogue between artists and the local community, Sotheby’s team of Modern Art experts selected Ace Le – an independent art researcher, to co-curate this exhibition as a platform to promote Vietnamese culture and art through the lens of a group of the most talented artists in the world.

This series of works in the exhibition is an illustrative slice of the overseas period of compositions from the four artists, expressing the attitude of always looking back to the homeland through familiar themes rooted in the circuits of each person’s memory, such as flowers and landscapes, family and customs, culture and architecture. Values and ideas are intertwined and blended with new approaches obtained from a long life in France.

This exhibition will further illustrate Sotheby’s market leadership and determination to connect the collector community throughout the region.

The exhibition runs until July 14.

Some pictures at the exhibition:

The work of Co Loa Temple by painter Le Pho.

The work “Two Young Women” by artist Vu Cao Dam.

The exhibition attracts many visitors.