Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate

Although your dad may say he doesn't want anything for Father's Day this year, you always know that giving a gift or holding an activity for him would bring him great happiness. 2021 Father's Day will fall on June 20, here's a list of gift and activity recommendations for the special day.


Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate
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Top 10 best gifts for 2021 Father’s Day

Smart Ring – For the dad who prioritizes his health

For thisFather’s Day, give Dad a ring that’s not just sleek and modern, but also helps improve his health. The health control ring is a sleep monitor that looks nothing like technology but, packed with sensors, can keep him meaningfully informed about his wellness.

Backpack – For the adventurous dad

A cool backpack will become Dad’s new favorite accessory for beach days, fishing trips, and tailgates. It should be big enough to hold 20 cans of beer, or a whole day’s worth of meals, if he packs efficiently. Make sure it is waterproof so that he won’t have to worry about it leaking.

Online Exercise Class – For the dad who loves

Whether he’s looking for inner peace (hello, yoga) or ready to pump some iron, you can sign Dad up for an online exercise class.

Beard Kit – For the dad who treasures his beard

This is one of the best Father’s Day gifts out there. Your dad will have plenty of pride after grooming his facial hair with a beard kit that includes a brush, comb, oil, balm, and scissors.

Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate
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Cocktail Subscription Kit – For a cocktail lover

Your dad will receive everything he needs to make four servings of a cocktail, booze not included—but why not gift him that separately? Besides, the whole family can toast to Dad’s special day with personalized pint glasses.

Personalized Cutting Board – For the chef dad

Give your dad the spotlight with this customized cutting board, or throw Mom’s name on as well to give him a little company. The options are endless, just as long as they fit within the character limit—but initials or last names are an easy way around that. A sweet way to pay homage to your home state (or your dad’s). You could even gift a pairing of two states!

Guitar Pick – For a guitarist

A pick with a good quote will be a great gift. For example, a quote saying “I couldn’t pick a better Dad.” It’s just the thing to give to any musical parent.

Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate
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Online Cooking Class – For a dad who loves being in the kitchen

Since Father’s Day falls on a Sunday, there may not be too many in-person cooking classes to attend. Who wouldn’t want to add a few cooking skills to their repertoire? Choose from an array of virtual cooking classes, and you two will be world-class chefs in no time.

Rent his dream car – For a driving enthusiast

Every dad has a car they’ve always wanted. Make his dreams come true by renting his ultimate ride for the day. Check out these best road trips in every state for some fun places to take a spin.

Special edition of his favorite book – For a collector

Is your dad a bookworm? If so, we’ve selected some of the best books to give him this Father’s Day. Whether your dad is into murder mysteries, science fiction, cooking, or architecture, a good book always makes for a nice gift.

Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate
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Best activities for Father’s Day

Trace your family’s roots

Even if you think you already have a grasp on everything there is to know about your dad, there’s so much more to his story. Take a walk down memory lane by flipping through his photo albums and school memorabilia. Then take time to trace your dad’s family tree to get a deeper look at your family’s past and present.

Plan a family workout

Even if you’d rather spend your Sunday lounging on the couch, Father’s Day is a time to do whatever your dad loves most — even if it’s working out. Skip the gym and hit the trails or jog along the water. Or if the weather isn’t in your favor, let him choose an at-home workout that you can do right in your living room.

Get your karaoke on

Crank up his favorite tunes, pass the mic, and watch him bring down the house with his serious karaoke skills. Bonus points if your dad busts out his dance moves while he’s on stage a.k.a. your living room floor.

Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate
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Host a wine tasting

For all wine-loving dads, the ultimate treat on Father’s Day is an at-home wine-tasting event. Complete a selection of the best wines with a beautiful spread of cheeses and grapes, along with a scorecard to keep track of all the wines he’s tasting.

Backyard picnic

Pile Dad’s favorite main dishes, sides, drinks, and treats (to satisfy that sweet tooth!) into a basket or cooler, grab a blanket and head out to the nearest patch of grass for an alfresco affair. Enjoy your beautiful backyard and play some outdoor games, like cornhole, horseshoes, or croquet. It will tap into his competitive side, plus it’s a great way to get active before a big Father’s Day cookout.

Take Him Shopping

How many times has he taken you shopping and picked up the tab? Even if he’d rather do, well, anything, other than shop, get creative. Country Living recommends pick a store you know he already loves or leads him to discover a new favorite.

Pamper him with a spa day

Dads deserve some pampering, too! Turn your home into a relaxing spa by lighting candles and playing soothing music. If you or your kids aren’t great at giving messages, give him a gift basket full of self-care goodies, including shaving creams, lotions, and soaps.

Father’s Day (June 20): 10 best gifts and activities to celebrate
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Bring him to a favorite dinner

Give Dad what he really wants on Father’s Day: a nice meal of his favorite, such as a glass of his favorite bourbon. Practice the recipe ahead of time to ensure that you can sear the steak just right.

Plan an outdoor movie night

Since drive-in movie theaters are hard to come by, set up an outdoor screening in your own backyard. Shine a projector against a blank wall and pick one of dad’s favorite movies to watch as a family, Good Housekeeping advises.

Go for a hike

Enjoy the great outdoors as a family by hitting up your local hiking and biking trails or driving to the nearest National Park in your area. Let dad choose the path and be ready to take tons of family photos.