Truong Van Dao created a life-sized and drivable tank to replace his child’s broken toy tank. The Vietnamese father documented the entire process of constructing this impressive wooden tank and shared it on his YouTube channel.

The tank was built with a steel box frame and rubber wheels as its foundation. An electric motor was added to provide sustainable power to the tank.

The design of the tank, inspired by the Swedish STRV 103 main battle tank, makes it low to the ground and difficult to see when in motion, increasing its evasion capabilities.

A team of skilled craftsmen carefully cut and crafted wooden panels to replicate the shape of the STRV 103, which were then assembled onto the tank shell. Wooden accessories such as gas tanks and shovels were also added to enhance the authenticity of the wooden tank.

To ensure easy access for his son, Truong Van Dao designed a hydraulic front that can be lowered on command.

This electric wooden tank is capable of running on roads and open grasslands, and can perform tank maneuvers with ease.

Previously, the YouTuber had created wooden replicas of Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini cars for his son.

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