The ELLE Fashion Show 2023, with the theme ‘Interchange of Fashion and Architecture,’ was a grand event held at the Reunification Palace. It showcased one of the largest fashion shows ever, featuring a unique elip-shaped stage that spanned across the main hall of the palace and had a catwalk encircling the water tower.

The runway served as a symbolic bridge, connecting the world of fashion with Vietnam’s rich historic heritage.

The event showcased over 100 breathtaking outfits created by renowned Vietnamese designers Luu Viet Anh, Truong Thanh Hai, Ngo Hoang Kha, and Indonesian designer Peggy Hartanto. Each collection aimed to promote sustainable fashion and inspire a more environmentally conscious approach to the industry.

An outfit designed by Luu Viet Anh. Photo: T.T.D. / Tuoi Tre

A stylish bag created by Luu Viet Anh. Photo: T.T.D. / Tuoi Tre

One of the standout collections was Luu Viet Anh’s ‘The Sculpture.’ It featured comfortable designs and drew attention with a stunning two-meter-long bag.

Truong Thanh Hai presented a collection that incorporated fabric pieces stitched together, creating unique designs that showcased his creativity and craftsmanship. Peggy Hartanto’s collection, ‘Charm,’ was inspired by a Japanese festival where young girls are wished for health and well-being.

Ngo Hoang Kha’s final collection of the show, ‘The Poem of Milk and Flower,’ wowed the audience with its eco-friendly materials, including fibers from waste pineapple leaves, silk, and fabric scraps.

The architecture of the Reunification Palace served as inspiration for Truong Thanh Hai’s designs. Photo: T.T.D. / Tuoi Tre

A glimpse of Truong Thanh Hai’s collection. Photo: T.T.D. / Tuoi Tre

Indonesian designer Peggy Hartanto presenting her collection, ‘Charm,’ at the fashion show held at the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City, December 20, 2023. Photo: T.T.D. / Tuoi Tre

Ngo Hoang Kha’s ‘The Poem of Milk and Flower’ collection. Photo: T.T.D. / Tuoi Tre