Responding to the prime minister’s call for promoting economic growth and tourism post-COVID-19, Facebook has collaborated with many Vietnamese artists such as People’s Artist Hong Van, Elite artist Quyen Linh, supermodel Pham Thanh Hang, Miss H’hen Niê and international artists like Ji Chang Wook (Korea), Nas Daily, Woody (Thailand), Gen Halilintar (Indonesia), Namewee (Taiwan), Lei Tan Zhang (mainland China), and Erwan Heussaff (the Philippines) to launch the ‘Video for Vietnam’ campaign with the aim of promoting the beauty of the country and its people to the world.

Together with famous artists and content creators, the campaign seeks to conjure up pride, create national solidarity, contribute to tourism development, and support the economic recovery of the nation.

Following the success of the ‘Vitality of Vietnam,’ ‘Video for Vietnam’ is another Facebook effort to support the Vietnamese community in economic recovery and development in the ‘new normal.’

“Vietnam is one of the countries that have achieved positive results in the fight against COVID, and it is a great honor for Facebook to be able to contribute to the combat against this pandemic,” said Nam Nguyen, media partnership manager in Vietnam, Facebook.

“Through the ‘Video for Vietnam’ campaign, Facebook officially launched the challenge ‘I am Vietnamese’ to encourage the community to spread national pride and cultural values, in the sense that each Vietnamese person is an ambassador representing the culture, country, and people of Vietnam.

“We hope that through this challenge, Facebook can continue to accompany the Vietnamese people on their journey of arousing national pride to promote the beauty of the country, attract visitors, and support tourism recovery and development in the near future.”

This challenge lasts for about one month, from September 20 to October 15, in the form of a short videos introducing the Vietnamese culture, country, and cuisine on Facebook Watch and Instagram.

The most meaningful videos will be shown in the livestream of the campaign, taking place on October 10, hosted by two popular Vietnamese, Nguyen Khang, a master of ceremonies, and Mrs. Worldwide 2018 Duong Thuy Linh.

The celebrities and popular Facebook pages play a significant role in this program by helping to deliver the information to more people and encourage the community to join hands to spread meaningful messages.

“I am very honored to participate in this challenge by Facebook and help to promote the cultural beauty of Vietnam to our international friends,” Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’hen Niê shared. 

“I appreciate these meaningful activities to contribute to the recovery and development of our country’s economy after the pandemic.

“With solidarity and strong determination, I believe we will continue our success story in the fight against the pandemic, building a beautiful image of Vietnam as well as making our country an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.”

To take part in the challenge, all users need to make a video by themselves introducing the culture and landscape of Vietnam through three pillars — Food (e.g: the diversity of Vietnam’s cuisine in different regions and local specialties), People (e.g: the cultural markers of ethnic groups, the characteristics of Vietnamese people), and Landscape (natural beauty, stunning landscapes across the country) — and upload them on their Facebook or Instagram pages/profiles with the hashtag #VideoforVietNamChallenge.

The posts in the Facebook group ‘Vietnam oi’ with the highest engagement will have opportunities to receive attractive awards and their videos will be shown in a livestream on the Vietnam Facebook page and a series of entertainment pages such as YAN, VieNews, Dien Quan Entertainment, and Yeah1 Network.

Participants are encouraged to use the ‘challenge’ feature to motivate their friends to take this challenge.

‘Video for Vietnam’ realizes the goals of #fb4Economy and #fb4Community pillars, under the #fb4vn campaign.

The two pillars focus on the small and medium business community with an attempt to help support the country’s economic recovery impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as bringing people closer together and using technology for good causes.