Exploring the Significance of Hue’s Cultural Legacies

    During the workshop, Japanese and Vietnamese experts exchanged experiences and insights on studying the cultural heritage, historical environment, and heritage landscape located along the Huong River.

    Dr. Shigeru Satoh, former Director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies at Waseda University in Japan, emphasized the importance of considering the buffer zone as a crucial area for preserving heritage values.

    He also highlighted the need for close coordination among relevant units to propose appropriate legal provisions for managing cultural heritage.

    Additionally, experts suggested supporting local tourism development around the Hue relic area to engage local residents in preserving cultural heritage and creating livelihood opportunities for them.

    They also formulated strategies to expand the community-based eco-research tourism program around the relic area, aiming to contribute to the long-term preservation of the Complex of Hue Monuments.

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