Nicolas Warnery, the French ambassador to Vietnam, and Marion Chaminade, the counselor of Agriculture, along with a representative from Business France, were in attendance at the event.

Building on the success of Taste of Country 2022, this year MM Mega Market is showcasing the authentic characteristics of French gastronomy and offering Vietnamese customers a true French cuisine experience.

During the event, customers will have the opportunity to explore French flavors through various exciting activities, including sampling French food, enjoying attractive discounts on shopping, and savoring delicious French cuisine prepared by MM’s professional chefs.

At Taste France 2023, MM Mega Market is introducing over 100 French products with special offers on baguettes, cheeses, jams, biscuits, and wines from renowned brands such as Bel, Paysan Breton, Casino, Elle et Vire, Anchos, Pate Royal, and Evian.

“Taste France 2023 brings the best quality imported French products to Vietnamese customers as well as foreigners living in Vietnam. It is an excellent opportunity to indulge in the French lifestyle with exquisite tastes reminiscent of one’s home country,” said Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market at the opening ceremony.

“We aim to expand our imported product portfolio and create an avenue for Vietnamese consumers to explore unique culinary cultures from around the world,” he added.

French cuisine, renowned worldwide and particularly in Vietnam, offers a culinary treasure that captivates with its flavors, artistry, and cultural significance, ranging from rustic countryside dishes to refined haute cuisine.

“French food not only focuses on refined haute cuisine and fine dining but also offers high-quality products that Vietnamese people can enjoy in their everyday lives,” expressed French Ambassador Warnery at the event.

Taste France 2023 will be held at 12 MM Mega Market centers across the country until July 19.