More than 100 members from 15 ethnic groups living in the village will be participating in various activities.

The Kho Mu community in Huoi Mot commune, located in Song Ma district of Son La province, will re-enact their traditional new home ceremony. Additionally, ethnic residents from the northern region will showcase their traditional brocade weaving and handicraft skills.

There will be music and traditional dance shows performed by ethnic groups from the northern region.

During weekends, village artisans will provide detailed introductions to traditional folk games and perform ethnic musical instruments. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience activities such as blowing the “Dinh Nam” instrument, singing “Ay ray,” playing the “Chapi” and “dan đa” instruments, singing songs about the Central Highlands, and playing folk games.

Children can learn about the culinary culture and enjoy distinctive dishes from different ethnic groups, while adults can participate in tea picking, weaving fabric, crafting musical instruments, making handicraft items, brewing wine, and processing herbal remedies.

In the first half of this year, the village attracted approximately 320,000 visitors.