Mang Den, a town in Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province, has become a popular destination for tourists wishing to explore the beauty of cherry blossoms in recent years.

The entire forest in this upland town turns into a vibrant painting with shades of yellow, red, and orange.

In addition to enjoying the magic of the stunning foliage, nature enthusiasts should also explore the other breathtaking corners of Mang Den, which are filled with cherry blossoms and foxtails during this season.

Foxtails dot the rolling hills in Mang Den, creating a picturesque landscape. Photo: Ha Nguyen / Tuoi Tre
Tourists flock to Mang Den at the beginning of the year to relax and immerse themselves in its scenic landscapes. Photo: Ha Nguyen / Tuoi Tre
Streams flow through cliffs, forming breathtaking waterfalls in the forests of Mang Den. Photo: Ha Nguyen / Tuoi Tre
The forest in Mang Den displays different shades of leaves, creating a mesmerizing sight. Photo: Ha Nguyen / Tuoi Tre
Foxtails can be found everywhere in Mang Den during the beginning of the year. Photo: Ha Nguyen / Tuoi Tre
A newly-built bypass road traverses a forest, connecting Kon Ray District with Mang Den in Kon Tum Province. Photo: Ha Nguyen / Tuoi Tre