Zing shared Bui Quang Thuy’s first experience of skydiving (Travel Blogger, Hanoi).

Fresh experience

I happened to know about this activity through groups on social networks. After learning more about skydiving, I felt very curious and excited, determined to once conquer the sky.

Previously, I only knew thrilling games in amusement parks, but never tried a more advanced subject like this. More carefully, I asked a few more people who were already paragliding before signing up.

Unlike the thrilling games I have played before, skydiving has a higher level of difficulty and also gives me a very different feeling, which is difficult to describe in words.

Before the day of joining, I was excited and prepared for this challenge of myself. However, when I stood in front of the paraglider for the first time, I was still a little nervous.

Lan play the game with Hoa Binh, play the game with cam and play with Hoa Binh Anh 2
Lan play the game with Hoa Binh, play the game with the hero, play the game with Hoa Binh Anh 1

The place I chose to dance is the top of Vien Nam mountain in Hoa Binh province, located right at the border between the suburban district of Thach That in Hanoi and Ky Son.

Not having much experience, I chose to book a tour of a party that specializes in organizing paragliding sessions. The advantage of this option is that everyone will take care and prepare carefully from moving to eating.

My job is to be at the meeting point on time, get in the car and start my journey to conquer the sky.

Vien Nam Mountain is about 60 km from the center of Hanoi. To get to the foot of the mountain, you can travel by car or motorbike, just follow the directions of the map.

When you arrive, you will park your car in a residential area, at the foot of the hill and close to the landing point. This is also a place to gather things, order lunch or snacks if needed.

Then, the whole group will move together to the top of Vien Nam, which is more than 1,000 m high. To conquer this mountain peak, you have two options.

If you like to be active and explore, you can choose trekking. The road is not too difficult, it is also an opportunity for participants to enjoy the fresh air of the jungle.

The second option is to go by jeep or undercarriage. If there is a hard steering wheel, this option will be safer.

There are 2 paragliding packages for you to choose from. The flight package usually costs 1.5 million VND/time, while the flight package at dawn or dusk will be higher, up to 2.5 million VND/way. This time, I chose the regular flight package.

Conquer the sky

Unlike flying by plane, flying in the sky with a paraglider is an exciting experience that is hard to describe in words.

Feeling like sitting on a soft sofa, cool breeze blowing around. At your feet is a majestic natural scene with rows of green trees, rice fields coming into season.

Zooming out, I can still see Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam. Different from pictures, books and newspapers, seeing the natural landscape, majestic mountains and famous works will be much more beautiful.

At this moment, I feel like a flycam running on rice, able to capture all the beauty in my eyes.

Lan play the game with Hoa Binh, play the game with cam, play with Hoa Binh Anh 4
Lan play the game with Hoa Binh, play the game with cam, play with Hoa Binh brother 3

In order for the trip to go well and have an unforgettable experience, I think everyone needs to monitor the weather carefully before signing up. This is an outdoor activity, so the weather plays an important role.

Next, you should also note the following points before you start your flight:

– Choose clothes that are neat, airtight, avoid the hot sun and have bright colors to take a better picture.

– Wear sports shoes, no sandals or high heels.

– During the flight, you can wear glasses or sunglasses. You can also bring a small bag of about 1-2 kg containing personal items such as phones, keys, identification documents.

– The tour unit serves drinking water at the take-off area and can assist in serving snacks, flight participants who have needs can contact support staff.

– At the take-off and landing area, to ensure flight safety, passengers who have not flowed or have flown should not approach the flight area, do not step on the parachute rope, parachute wings, always pay attention to avoid entering the flight path of the aircraft. pilot.

– No smoking.

The last experience that I want to share is that when participating, you should dress well, smile and confidently record all the moments, especially when you can overcome your own fear in every strong move.

Source: Zingnews