These events took place in Thua Thien-Hue province to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Complex of Hue Monuments (1993-2023) and the 20th anniversary of nha nhac (2003-2023) being recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

One of the events is the exhibition “Giang son Viet Nam tren Cuu Dinh” (Vietnam on the Nine Dynastic Urns) at the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum on June 16. The Nine Dynastic Urns, which are made of bronze, represent the state’s controlling power.

On the same day, the “Fine Arts and Heritage exhibition: Di san dien xuong cung dinh va cam hung hoi hoa” (The Legacy of Royal Performance and Painting Inspiration) debuted at Thieu Phuong Garden. King Thieu Tri previously named this royal park as the second most beautiful landscape in Hue.

The exhibition “Than Kinh nhi thap canh, tho vua Thieu Tri” was opened at Thai Binh Lau (Royal Library) in the Hue Citadel on June 17. It displays the poems of King Thieu Tri written in traditional Taiwanese calligraphy. “Than Kinh nhi thap canh” is a collection of poetry extolling 20 landscapes of the ancient Hue Citadel.

These exhibitions serve as a way to showcase Thua Thien-Hue province as a place with traditional cultural values, stunning natural landscapes, and welcoming people. Additionally, they aim to foster international exchanges and collaboration in promoting countries’ cultural heritage values.