The exhibition, co-organised by the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communication and Education and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is among the activities to welcome the National Cultural Conference, which will take place on November 24.

The National Cultural Conference is a very important event aimed at implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress on comprehensive human development and building an advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with a strong sense of national identity that will become an endogenous strength and driving force for national development and defence.

The opening ceremony was attended by Nguyen Trong Nghia, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, the head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communication and Education.

The images, documents and precious artifacts at the exhibition are divided into six categories: images of Vietnamese culture before 1930; President Ho Chi Minh with the cause of developing Vietnamese culture; the Party and State leaders with the cause of cultural development; Vietnamese culture in the cause of national liberation and reunification; Vietnamese culture in the process of national integration and development; and preserving and promoting national cultural heritages.

Secretary of the Party Central Committee and head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communication and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia and delegates visit the exhibition.

The exhibition is also introducing a number of precious artifacts about Uncle Ho’s simple and noble style and lifestyle; documents and resolutions of the Party on culture through the National Party Congresses, including the Draft of Vietnamese Culture in 1943 – the first official document of the Party on cultural and artistic work drafted by General Secretary Truong Chinh and published in Tien Phong Magazine; along with pictures, documents and artifacts highlighting the contributions of art and culture to the revolution during this period.

The exhibition will last until November 27, while the online exhibition is set to run until December 31, on website: