in China

NDO – An exhibition themed “Army soldiers and the people share a will” officially opened at the Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi on December 17.


The exhibition is being held in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Whole People’s Defence Festival and the 75th anniversary of the Vietnamese People’s Army, scheduled for December 22nd.

With over 300 photographs, documents, and artifacts on display, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the strong bond between soldiers and civilians during the struggle for national liberation and defense. It also highlights the accomplishments achieved in the 30 years since the inception of the Whole People’s Defence Festival.

The purpose of the exhibition is to educate and promote the enduring bond and sentiment between army soldiers and civilians, both past and present, aiming to inspire patriotism and revolutionary heroism, particularly among the younger generation.

Divided into three sections, the exhibition focuses on the establishment of the Vietnamese People’s Army, the significant contributions made by the armed forces in collaboration with the support of the people during victorious battles against foreign invaders, and the remarkable achievements and advancements of the People’s Army over the past three decades.

The exhibition will run until the end of December.