The event is part of the activities to mark the 74th anniversary of Wounded and Fallen Soldiers’ Day.

The displayed photos and artefacts are divided into two parts, with the first recalling the harsh life of patriotic and revolutionary soldiers in prison. Despite the brutal repressions from the enemy, the soldiers still maintained their trust and love for the Party, Uncle Ho and a bright future.

The second phase introduces the images highlighting the younger generations’ efforts to uphold their forefathers’ spirit as well as spread love among the society, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters.

Also at the exhibition, many documents and artefacts associated with the revolutionary activities of former political prisoners in Hoa Lo Prison were promoted to the public.

To ensure the COVID-19 prevention and control, the thematic exhibition was introduced via radio at

The Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site’s management board also promoted the exhibition via the fanpage

The exhibition will last until the end of December.