The event is being organised by the Vietnam Film Institute as part of the sixth Hanoi International Film Festival 2022.

On display at the event will be 200 photos of numerous relic sites and cultural heritages, all of which are settings of cinematographic works used by both local and foreign filmmakers.

Furthermore, approximately 150 images selected from 29 feature films and documentaries will also be exhibited at the function.

The exhibition will include more than 40 pictures showing the true beauty of Hanoi in the past, as well as its recent development taken by filmmakers Pham Thanh Ha, photographers Nguyen Huu Bao, and Hoang Huu Khanh.

Visitors will therefore have the chance to see scenes from Hanoi in famous films, including “Hanoi Mua Chim Lam To”, “Hanoi in the season for birds to build nests” in English, “Nam thang va nhung tang cao”, “Months, years and the heights” in English, and “Ky niem 30 nam giai phong thu do”, “30th anniversary of the capital liberation” in English.