The exhibition showcases the artistic works by talented authors from ASEAN countries, capturing the breathtaking beauty of the ASEAN Community’s landscapes and its diverse cultures. The exhibits also shed light on pressing issues such as environmental protection, climate change, and the empowerment of ethnic minorities within the ASEAN Community.

In honor of Vietnam’s ASEAN Chair Year 2020, the organizing committee presented a collection of the most exceptional photographs from the ten ASEAN countries.

During the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Hoang Vinh Bao, highlighted that the exhibition is an integral component of the Government’s action programme aimed at promoting ASEAN throughout the 2017-2020 period. It aims to emphasize the formation of the ASEAN Community and the resulting benefits for its member countries.

Vietnam’s participation in the exhibition signifies its strong commitment to collaborating with other nations in the advancement of the ASEAN Community. The primary objectives of this involvement are to promote peace, stability, and development within the region, while also raising public consciousness regarding critical matters like environmental preservation, climate change mitigation, and the inclusion of ethnic minorities in the ASEAN Community.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until December 17th.

The delegates are currently engaged in discussions about the exhibits.