The purpose of the event is to introduce agricultural products, food, cuisine, as well as unveiling over 200 new products from ASEAN member countries.

Vietnam will showcase 20 new products at the function, including farm produce, fresh fruits, coconut-processed products, cashew nuts, and seafood.

In addition, the Vietnamese Embassy will highlight the country’s tourism and cuisine and present a list of export products such as shrimp chips, cashew nuts, and coffee during the event.

For the past three years, the Amazing ASEAN event at the Lulu supermarket chain has been a significant activity for ASEAN member states in Saudi Arabia, aiming to promote the culinary culture and tourism of each ASEAN member nation.

The event also aims to enhance connectivity among businesses and promote exports from the ASEAN region to high-end markets in the future.

The Saudi Arabian market has a significant demand for high-quality agricultural and food products, such as fresh fruits, dried fruits, rice, noodles, cashew nuts, confectionery, chocolate, spices, canned food, fruit juice, cosmetics, garments, shoes, medical equipment, and charcoal.