Binh Son District’s People’s Committee in Binh Thuan Commune organized a running race on Sunday morning, attracting over 250 participants.

The route takes runners through the Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest, which has become a popular tourist site in the central province in recent years.

Notably, the race featured the participation of Pham Thi Binh, also known as the ‘barefoot queen,’ who has had great success in the international sports arena.

Many professional runners joined the Binh Thuan Marathon 2024 in Quang Ngai Province, central Vietnam, on February 18, 2024. Photo: Tran Mai / Tuoi Tre

Runners enjoyed the fresh air and peaceful surroundings of the magnificent route around the mangrove forest as they conquered the 10-kilometer race.

Binh, a runner, mentioned that she has participated in hundreds of running events both in Vietnam and abroad, but the route around the Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest was one of the most enchanting experiences she has ever had.

“Many overseas Vietnamese and professional runners joined the race,” Binh said.

Prior to the race, runners were treated to breakfast, coffee, and art performances, she shared.

The renowned marathoner also mentioned that the race was impressive and is expected to attract tourists to the pristine land.

The Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest is attractive due to its mysterious beauty. Photo: Alex Cao

The commune’s administration stated that the running race around the mangrove forest aims to create a recreational platform to promote sportsmanship and contribute to the development of tourism in the province.

Through the race, the captivating images of the Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest are expected to go viral, especially in the expat community.

In addition, the event aims to boost the province’s green tourism development and support its plan to move towards sustainable community tourism.

The Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest, located about 40 kilometers northeast of Quang Ngai City, covers an area of over 110 hectares.

The mangrove forest is part of a forest restoration and expansion project conducted by the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest has attracted local and international photographers in recent years. Photo: Bui Thanh Trung / Tuoi Tre

The mangrove forest has become a popular destination for both local and international photographers.

In autumn, the forest is filled with thousands of white-flowered black mangrove trees shedding their leaves, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

With its stunning scenery, Quang Ngai Province is focusing on community-based tourism initiatives centered around the Ca Cai Lake mangrove forest.