The ‘Iran Film Week in Hanoi’ organized by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vietnam is a cultural event celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Vietnam.

The organizers believe that the film week will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about Iran and gain a better understanding of how values such as kindness, modesty, tolerance, and piety are passed down through generations in Iran.

On January 10, the film event will kick off with “So Close, So Far,” a drama film directed by Reza Mirkarimi.

This captivating film explores themes of life, death, and parental love. The story revolves around Dr. Alam, a renowned yet arrogant neurologist who discovers that his seven-year-old son is suffering from an inoperable condition. Driven by his love for his son, Dr. Alam embarks on a journey to reunite with him and find a way to save him. “So Close, So Far” was awarded Best Film at the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran in 2015 and was Iran’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 2015 Oscars.

On January 11, cinema-goers will have the opportunity to watch “Crazy Rook,” another drama film directed by Abolhassan Davoudi.

“Crazy Rook” tells the story of a group of friends who meet through social media and become entangled in a criminal case. As they work together to solve the case, each member of the group gains a new perspective on life and society. The film won the Best Director and Best Film awards at the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival.

On January 12, the movie “Where Are My Shoes?” directed by Kiumars Pourahmad will be screened.

The film follows the story of Habib Kaveh, an elderly man and factory owner who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Years after being abandoned by his family, Habib’s life takes a surprising turn when his daughter decides to reconnect with him. Reza Kianian delivers a powerful and heartfelt performance in this touching story that explores the dynamics of family relationships. Kianian was nominated for Best Actor at the 34th Fajr International Film Festival in 2016 for his role in this film.

On January 13, the animation film “Loupetoo” will be showcased.

“Loupetoo,” directed by Abbas Askari, tells the story of Mr. Kamali, the owner of a sanatorium, who helps treat his patients by teaching them to make toys. The creative toys captivate children’s hearts, but when the toy studio faces sabotage, it triggers a critical mental condition among the patients. As Mr. Kamali’s efforts bring no results, an angel of hope appears to lend a hand.

The ‘Iran Film Week in Hanoi’ will conclude with another animation movie, “Mobarak,” directed by Mohammadreza Najafi.

“Mobarak” revolves around an old man who is a storyteller and uses dolls based on characters from Shahnameh, an epic poem by Persian poet Ferdowsi, for his performances. When a toy store owner attempts to steal the dolls, they come to life and embark on a humorous adventure.

All movies will be screened at the National Cinema Centre, 87 Lang Ha street. Free tickets can be obtained at the centre or at the Iranian Embassy, 54 Tran Phu street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.