Nestled along the gentle currents of the Tien River, a tributary of the mighty Mekong in southern Vietnam, Thoi Son Island paints a picturesque scene. This serene oasis, part of the Thoi Son commune in My Tho City, the capital of Tien Giang Province, offers a respite from the bustling city life.

An abundance of lush, fruit-bearing orchards and sprawling coconut gardens envelop the island, providing a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts and those seeking rejuvenation. The island’s natural beauty and cultural offerings have not gone unnoticed, as tourist operators in Tien Giang have made it a priority to develop eco-friendly tours showcasing Thoi Son’s unique charm.

These tours align with the vision of a “green and sustainable Mekong Delta,” as discussed at a recent forum in Ben Tre, emphasizing the region’s commitment to responsible tourism. Tien Giang’s tourism development strategies focus on cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and the 13 provinces and cities within the delta, ensuring a cohesive and captivating experience for visitors.

“We’re dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Thoi Son and our other local islands,” shared Phuong, a woman passionate about her tourist establishment on the island. “We actively promote our tours through social media platforms, and we’re constantly refining our offerings to ensure unforgettable experiences. We want our visitors to create lasting memories of their time here.”

A brief 15-minute boat ride from the My Tho cruise port transports visitors to Thoi Son, where they are greeted by a scenic voyage along the river, with lush greenery and fruit gardens in view. Upon arrival, electric tourist cars, a popular mode of transportation, await to whisk travelers away on an exploration of the small isle.

Paldo I. Tomi, a Chilean tourist, shared his delight in discovering Thoi Son, “The scenery, the cuisine, and the people—it has all come together to create an exceptional tour experience. I am pleasantly surprised and will definitely return to explore more of what this wonderful place has to offer.”

Thoi Son offers a unique glimpse into local life with its bee farms, where visitors can learn about beekeeping methods and taste the delicate “tra mat ong hoa nhan,” tea made with honey from longan flowers. An isle sightseeing tour by canoe is an exciting way to immerse yourself in the verdant surroundings, with coconut gardens and canals creating a peaceful backdrop.

The warmth of the island’s fruit garden owners, coupled with the freshness of their produce, and the melodies of traditional Vietnamese music, create an authentic and memorable experience for all who visit.

An aerial view of Thoi Son Isle, a hidden gem on the Tien River, captivates with its natural beauty. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
Tourists embark on a boat journey to Thoi Son Isle, an enchanting destination on the Tien River. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
Foreign visitors are captivated by the stunning landscapes as they sail towards Thoi Son Isle. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
Electric tourist cars provide a fun and eco-friendly way to explore Thoi Son Isle. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
Paldo I. Tomi, a Chilean traveler, captures memories with his companions during their electric car tour on Thoi Son Isle. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
A foreign tourist gets up close with beekeeping on Thoi Son Isle, learning about the unique local practices. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
Foreign travelers eagerly await a taste of honey tea, a specialty of Thoi Son Isle. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
International visitors are treated to a performance of traditional Vietnamese music during their visit to a fruit garden on Thoi Son Isle. Photo: Phuong Quyen / Tuoi Tre
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