After reading the recent article on Tuoi Tre News titled ‘Eight Things I Hate About Vietnam,’ expats shared some valuable tips to blend in with the local community. These tips included learning Vietnamese, immersing oneself in local customs, and building relationships with locals.

Randy Matito emphasized the importance of acknowledging that every country has its flaws. He advised expats to maintain a balanced perspective, considering both the positive and negative aspects of their environment. He discouraged them from complaining about the places they visit, as they should always expect the unexpected. Vietnam is not a heavenly paradise but an ordinary country.

Lance Coles shared some shopping advice, suggesting that expats should learn some Vietnamese and avoid buying products from the first stall at local wet markets. Instead, they should explore the market and ask various vendors for the prices of the items they want to buy.

Angela Le mentioned that both foreigners and locals can be overcharged if they don’t shop in the right places. Learning how to choose the right places to shop is a valuable life skill.

John Kellenbarger, who has been living in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province for eight years, advised fellow expats to be content with their lives and enjoy wherever they live.

Many expats shared that forming connections with local people played a significant role in helping them feel comfortable in Vietnam. Brendan Davies, for example, found that little kids in Vietnam are fascinated by Westerners. A simple smile and a friendly greeting from a foreigner can make their day and bring a smile to their parents’ faces as well.

Greg Matson mentioned that his interactions, conversations, and jokes with locals have revealed their happiness in encountering individuals who put effort into learning the language and immersing themselves in the local culture. He personally had a positive experience in Vietnam.