According to the organising board, filmmakers from across the country are encouraged to take part in one of five categories including documentaries, scientific films, and community films.

Films may only be shown after obtaining a license from the competent state management agency in charge of cinema or a broadcasting decision from the General Director of Vietnam Television Stations, the Director of Radio or provincial Television Stations.

The 8th National Environmental Film Festival will only be held when the COVID-19 epidemic situation in localities has been safely controlled and must comply with prevention and control regulations issued by the Ministry of Health.

Co-organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in coordination with the Vietnam Cinematography Association and Vietnam Television, the film festival aims to enhance the role of cinema and television in propaganda and communication on environmental protection, including praising organisations and individuals whose works focus on environmental protection, the timely detection and condemnation of violations against the law on environmental protection and actively contributing to the cause of environmental protection in Vietnam.

The prize structure includes a total of 20 prizes, each film category includes one A prize worth 18 million VND, two B prizes worth 13 million VND, and two C prizes worth 8 million VND.