E-CARD: Have you catch up with the newest trend of congrats?

In the current era, where most of our correspondence is digital, it makes sense that cards have also made the jump.


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In the current era, where most of our correspondence is digital, it makes sense that cards have also made the jump. (Photo: Business Wire)

The trend of Electronic Card

An electronic card (e-card) is a special occasion, greeting or post card created and customized within a website and sent through the Internet to the recipient. Customizations may include a wide variety of backgrounds and text fonts including some as cursive writing, graphic images, cartoon-style animations, video and sometimes even music. This term is also known as ecard, icard, i-card, digital postcard, cyber greeting card or digital greeting card.

According to Techopedia, virtual cards were first started by Judith Donath at MIT Media Lab in 1994 and were created by the website called The Electronic Postcard. Initially, virtual card recipients are often sent an email with a link to a website where the card was created. Then the card may be viewed, played, copied, printed, etc.

E-card designs vary extensively and are always changing. Greeting card manufacturers have been embracing the use of sophisticated software to design e-cards with amazing effects and it has also become more comfortable for individuals to develop their greeting cards using simple software.

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E-card designs vary extensively and are always changing. (Photo: Pinterest)

How to create and send your own e-card?

Besides professional graphic softwares, you can create e-cards on specialized websites with just a few simple steps. Those websites include Canva, Adobe Spark, Personal Cards,… After choosing an e-card producer, follow these 5 steps to create your own:

1. Pick a size and shape of your e-card.

2. Choose a theme for your card (For what occasion do you create this card?)

3. Personalize it with your favorite images. Remember every e-card needs a strong supporting image.

4. Enter your engaging text that conveys your congratulations and wishes

5. Download, share, or print the card.

E-card sample recommendations

The season of holidays is coming close. Don’t miss this opportunity to make best use of your creativity and sense of humour through unique yet sincere e-cards addressed to your loved ones!

Birthday e-card

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Simple yet meaningful birthday wishes. (Photo: Pinterest)
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Recommendation for a girly e-card. (Photo: Etsy)
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Floral pattern never gets old. (Photo: Etsy)

Christmas e-card

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An e-card in shape of Christmas tree (Photo: Pinterest)
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E-card in 2020’s minialism trend. (Photo: Pinterest)
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Red is always the colour of Christmas. (Photo: Pinterest)

Thanksgiving e-card

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Nowadays, you can easily create your own e-card using free tools. (Photo: Esty)
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E-card is often attached to emails or messages. (Photo: Canva)