>>> Visiting memorial house dedicated to General Vo Nguyen Giap in Quang Binh

>>> General Vo Nguyen Giap – the Eldest Brother of the Vietnam People’s Army

It is impossible not to mention the e-book version of the book named "Dai Tuong, Tong Tu Lenh Vo Nguyen Giap – Mot Tai Nang Quan Su Xuat Chung, Nha Lanh Dao Co Uy Tin Lon Cua Cach Mang Viet Nam" (General, Commander-in-chief of the Vietnam People’s Army Vo Nguyen Giap – An outstanding military talent, a leader bearing the great prestige of the Vietnamese revolution).

The book has been first published to mark the occasion of the 110th birth anniversary of General Vo Nguyen Giap (August 25, 1911-2021), gathers and introduces more than 100 articles from the National Scientific Conference on the General.

In addition, the Su That (Truth) National Political Publishing House is also providing free electronic versions of some other titles of and written about the General such as: "Tong Hanh Dinh Trong Mua Xuan Toan Thang", "Dien Bien Phu", "Nhung Chang Duong Lich Su", "The Gioi Con Doi Thay Nhung Tư Tuong Ho Chi Minh Song Mai", "Vo Nguyen Giap – Tieu Su", "Vo Nguyen Giap – Danh Tuong Thoi Dai Ho Chi Minh", "Tong Tu Lenh Vo Nguyen Giap Trong Nhung Nam De Quoc My Leo Thang Chien Tranh (1965-1969)".

Readers can access the electronic versions of the above books by scanning the QR codes on the covers of the printed book version or read the e-books on stbook.vn by installing and opening the Stbook application, then opening the Free Books folder on the app to download the books.

Readers can also access the e-Library page of communes, wards and towns at http://thuviencoso.vn, select the list of books and then go to the Building the Party and the State folder, or access it directly at the link https://thuviencoso.vn/BookStore.aspx?colid=27 to read the book.

In addition to books about General Vo Nguyen Giap, the Su That (Truth) National Political Publishing House also provides free electronic versions of many books on politics, defence, culture, society, and science on its websites.