Tay Ninh Province is a charming destination for visitors from neighboring Ho Chi Minh City during the seven-day-long festival. Housing various tourist sites such as Ba Den Mountain, Dau Tieng Lake, and Ma Thien Lanh Valley, this province offers a diverse range of attractions.

One of the highlights of a trip to Tay Ninh is conquering the tallest peak in Vietnam’s southern region, Ba Den Mountain, which stands at 986 meters above sea level. Apart from its natural beauty, the province is also renowned for its sacred pagodas and temples, attracting throngs of pilgrims.

During the spring festival, which takes place on the fourth day of the first lunar month, visitors to Tay Ninh can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Ba Den Mountain tourist area. The festival features art performances and fireworks displays, creating a festive atmosphere for all attendees.

Another must-visit place near Ho Chi Minh City is Vung Tau City in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province. Known for its mild climate, Vung Tau is an ideal destination for sea-bathing during the spring fest. Visitors can also admire the beauty of cherry blossoms along Nuoc Ngot Pass and explore stunning beaches with fine sand and clear azure water. In addition to its natural beauty, Vung Tau is also famous for its delicious seafood, traditional dishes like banh khot, and iconic landmarks such as Vung Tau Lighthouse and Hon Ba Islet.

For those seeking a unique and romantic atmosphere during the Lunar New Year holiday, Da Lat City is a top choice. Known as the “land of mist,” Da Lat offers a cool climate and stunning landscapes. The city is adorned with charming cherry-like apricot blossoms, creating a picturesque space in spring. Tourists can also visit famous spiritual places such as Linh Phuoc Pagoda and Truc Lam Zen Monastery, as well as savor local specialties like chicken hotpot and grilled rice paper.

These destinations, with their natural beauty, cultural richness, and delicious cuisine, promise unforgettable experiences for visitors during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Traveling to Tay Ninh Province, tourists can admire a Maitreya Buddha statue, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Photo: Tuoi Tre
Tourists can experience their Tet holiday on Ba Den Mountain, a popular tourist site in Tay Ninh Province, southern Vietnam. Photo: Tuoi Tre
A corner of Vung Tau City, some 100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Tuoi Tre
Da Lat City is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam. Photo: Tuoi Tre