The 22-episode documentary, produced by the People’s Army Cinema, conveys the message that “no force can hamper the path a nation had chosen: independence, freedom and national reunification”. That was the millennial aspiration of Vietnamese people as well as the patriotic tradition and the will for fighting against foreign invaders passed down by the ancestors and forefathers. That aspiration has been promoted by people in Ho Chi Minh era to overcome many sacrifices and hardships towards success under the leadership of Communist Party of Vietnam.

The episodes, corresponding to each historical event and period, included: “Soul of the nation”, “For independence, for freedom”, “War base”, “The army of the people”, “Mastering strategic areas”, “Dien Bien Phu – A decisive battle in our history”, “A divided country”, “General uprising to save ourselves”, “Unity is strength”, “Surface-to-air combat”, “Legendary road”, “Overcoming challenges”, “Decision turning point”, “Striking while talking”, “Strategic attack”, “Exploratory strike”, “The central point of the Central Highlands”, “Fighting while proceeding”, “National reunification”, “New battle”, “Oaths on the big sea”, “Firmly believing in the chosen path”.

People’s Artist Le Thi played the role of general director and experienced directors worked as advisors on content and editors. Meanwhile, the series featured the participation of enthusiastic young directors such as Nguyen Hoang Lam, Dang Thai Huyen, Bui Chi Trung, Pham Hong Thang and Nguyen Thanh Hung. The effective cooperation between generations of filmmakers has brought about new, vivid and diverse colours in each episode, while ensuring the uniformity of the whole film as a unit.

The Director of the People’s Army Cinema, Colonel, Meritorious Artist Pham Tien Cuong said the documentary film was inspired by concerns about the long-term resistance wars against France and the US for independence, freedom and national reunification which go back nearly half a century, as many Party, State and army leaders and witnesses of these heroic and tragic historical periods have gradually passed away. The film also helps viewers learn more about the two wars to protect the southwestern and northern borders and the sovereignty of territorial waters. The documentary film provides objective views on the Vietnamese people’s resistance wars for national independence, unification and defence in Ho Chi Minh era.

According to experts, the documentary “The Chosen Path” will not only contribute to systematising the historical events of the resistance wars to defend the country but also reflect the values that made up Vietnam’s strength. The series also highlights the Party’s vision in leading the entire people’s resistance as well as the tactics of the military generals and especially the great sacrifices of people.

In addition to synthesising and analysing historical events, the film also provides assessments and comments from many scholars, journalists, military experts and insiders on both fronts. With a systematic presentation, respect for reality and profound objectivity, “The Chosen Path” shows the soldiers’ points of view while reflecting many different aspects during the wars. Notably, the film also stresses the strength of the rear and the whole people as well as the problems posed in the cause of national construction and defence today.

General Director Le Thi shared that “The Chosen Path” is a valuable documentary film covering a long span of time and space. However, the important milestone focuses on the period under the leadership of the Party and Uncle Ho, especially the two resistance wars against France and the US. These were arduous journeys full of the will and aspirations of the whole nation. The series will be a source of spiritual strength to energise current and future generations. Through the documentary, young soldiers will learn more about the glorious traditions of the country and army and then raise their sense of responsibility.

Produced amidst the complicated COVID-19 epidemic, the filmmakers from the People’s Army Cinema have made greater efforts to overcome all difficulties to fulfil their assigned tasks so that the film was released on the occasion of the major anniversaries of the nation and the army.