Hanoi’s Autumn Delight: Dishes Made with Green Rice

The Hanoitimes - Green rice is one of the most favorite street foods in the capital city that every visitor should try.


In the autumn season, Hanoi is known for its renowned delicacy, Com, or green rice. The city offers a variety of dishes made from Com, such as fresh rice, sticky rice, cake, sweet soup, and fried grounded pork with Com.

Whether you are a visitor to Hanoi or a resident, it is highly recommended to try these typical Com dishes.

Fresh Com

Fresh rice, also known as Com, is a delectable treat with thin, soft, and chewy flexible seeds. It pairs excellently with bananas. Fresh Com is made from young sticky rice harvested at the beginning of the season, which gives it a soft and fragrant texture.

Com, green rice is one of the must-try street foods in Hanoi. Photo: infonet

During autumn, it is a common sight to see street vendors selling fresh rice wrapped in lotus leaves, which has become an iconic image of Hanoi. You can purchase a handful (about 100g) of this fragrant Com for approximately VND15,000 (US$0.64)-VND20,000 (US$0.86).

You can find fresh rice at street corners or visit Vong village, where the best Com is made twice a year using summer and winter crops.

Sweetened green rice soup

Che com, a sweetened green rice soup made from green rice and coconut, is a popular delicacy in Hanoi during autumn. Don’t miss out on trying this dish when you’re in the city.

A few shops in Hanoi serve this soup, and one recommended spot is a shop on Gia Ngu street. Each cup of green rice soup costs approximately VND15,000 (US$0.64)-VND20,000 (US$0.86).

Sweetened green rice soup. Photo: vietnamtours247

Stir-fried green rice

Sweet sticky rice and stir-fried rice are a popular combination beloved by Hanoi locals in autumn. Stir-fried green rice, in particular, has a unique flavor that is enhanced by coconut fiber, making it a truly appetizing dish.

Although the dishes are simple, they are considered specialties of Hanoi and offer an unforgettable taste. Fresh rice is stir-fried with sugar and grated coconut before being wrapped in lotus leaves.

Green rice cake

Green rice cake. Photo: Vietravel

While this cake is available in many places in Hanoi, Hang Than street is renowned for producing the best Com cakes. The craft of making Com cakes has a long-standing tradition among the residents of this street.

Cha Com, Vietnamese pork sausage with green rice. Photo: Blogevivatour