Participants will embark on their Tet journey at a traditional Tet market located at the Mong Phu communal house. Here, guests will be introduced to several unique aspects of Tet celebrations, including the art of calligraphy writing, folk performances, a cooking demonstration featuring Banh Chung (square sticky rice cake), and a workshop on making To he (toy figurines made of rice dough), among others.

In addition, a variety of local dishes, handicrafts, and folk art products will be showcased at the stalls.

International guests will also have the opportunity to experience Tet customs such as visiting someone’s house on the first day of the new year, paying respects to ancestors, exchanging New Year greetings, and giving lucky money to children and the elderly.

Furthermore, foreign diplomats will visit artist Nguyen Tan Phat’s lacquer workshop and take part in Vietnamese folk games like duck hunting, cockfighting, and fish catching.

This event is being held in Duong Lam village for the third consecutive year, with the ultimate goal of promoting Vietnamese culture to our international friends.