Initiated in 2009 by the e-newspaper Vietnamnet, the concert aims to celebrate Independence Day and honor the diversity of Vietnamese music.

This year’s concert, according to Vietnamnet Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Van Ba, will feature a special repertoire that will ignite the patriotism and national pride of the audience. The concert will open with the national anthem Tien Quan Ca (Marching Song) by acclaimed composer Van Cao, performed by the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO) under the talented conductor Dong Quang Vinh.

In recognition of Van Cao’s 100th birthday, the concert will also include his famous song Dan Chim Viet (Flock of Vietnamese Birds), which will be presented with a new music arrangement and orchestration by semi-classical singer Pham Thu Ha.

Composer Tran Manh Hung, the concert’s Music Director, has selected, arranged, and orchestrated all the tunes, creating a unified theme throughout the concert. Using symphony as the major material, the concert aims to honor national values.

The concert will feature all-time-favorite songs such as Bong Cay Konia (Under the Shadow of Konia Tree) by Phan Huynh Dieu, Trang Sang Doi Mien (Moon Shines Two Regions) by An Chung, Ao Mua Dong (Winter Jacket) by Do Nhuan, and others. Modern hits My Kool Vietnam by Thanh Bui and Nhung Trai Tim Viet Nam (Vietnamese Hearts) by Phuong Uyen will also be included in the repertoire, performed by the all-men music band Oplus.

In addition, the VNSO will present the overture Mua Xuan The Ky (A Spring in A Century) by Hoang Cuong. Revolutionary music artists such as Dang Duong, Tung Duong, Do To Hoa, Pham Khanh Ngoc, and Dao Mac will be performing at the concert. The performance by young saxophonist An Tran, daughter of veteran saxophonist Tran Manh Tuun, is expected to bring vibrant colors to the concert.

The 39-year-old conductor Dong Quang Vinh, who will be taking over from conductor Le Phi Phi, acknowledges the challenge of creating a cohesive narrative about Vietnamese culture, history, love for the country, and the strength of national unity within the limited two-hour concert duration.