The sandstone statue, weighing 5,112 tonnes, is a remarkable piece of art. It is expected that over 500 monks and nuns from the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, along with numerous Buddhist followers and tourists, will gather for the ceremony. To mark this special occasion, more than 20,000 lanterns will illuminate the top of the mountain, creating a breathtaking sight.

Perched at an elevation of over 900 meters on Ba Den Mountain, the statue stands tall at 36 meters in height and 45 meters in width. What sets it apart is the use of 6,688 natural sandstone pieces, artfully assembled to resemble terraced fields.

The statue showcases Maitreya Buddha, characterized by a compassionate smile and a prominent belly. Its serene presence serves as an inspiration for devotees and a symbol of peace for all who visit.

This monumental statue, adorned with thousands of lanterns, brings a sense of awe and tranquility to the sacred grounds atop Ba Den Mountain. It stands as a testament to the devotion and artistic craftsmanship of its creators, and serves as a spiritual beacon for all who seek enlightenment.