The purpose of the occasion is to introduce objects that had been displayed in the museum’s Vietnamese room to viewers from May 25-31, thus helping international friends to gain a better understanding of Vietnamese culture.

For many viewers, it marked the first time that they have been given a chance to discover cultural aspects from the nation such as Vietnamese water puppetry.

In addition, a range of videos were posted to highlight the worshiping culture in the communal house, and introduce Vietnamese Buddhist statues, and a lacquer painting, attracting a large number of viewers in the process.  

Most notably, a presentation by teacher Legostaeva was featured on May 30 with regard to the country’s historical female heroes, outfits of Vietnamese women from the 19th century, and images of Vietnamese women through both the 19th and 20th centuries through the eyes of foreigners.

Each day the museum organises the reading of Vietnamese fairy tales for child listeners and broadcasts an array of interesting pieces of music through traditional Vietnamese musical instruments.