Debbie Rasiel’s Pictures of Autism

American photographer Debbie Rasiel has chosen Vietnam as the 6th country to carry out her “Picturing Autism” project on photographing people impacted by autism. Her photographs have impressed a large number of people thanks to the author’s thorough understanding and great humanity.

Debbie said, “It is hard for me to carry out the project as it takes a lot of time to talk with families whom I want to photograph. I want them to feel that their problems are sympathised with”.

Focusing on topics of school, family and the future of autistics, Debbie has depicted people impacted by autism living in Ha Long and Hanoi in the most realistic sense.

A child in class for autistics in Ha Long City.

Nem, a child living in Hanoi, is photographed by Debbie Rasiel.

“Mother and child”

The family of a child with autism in Ha Long.

A photograph by Debbie Rasiel in Peru.

Playing with autistic children in the US.

A child with autism in the US plays alone.

A photograph by Debbie Rasiel in Iceland.

Through her work, Debbie Rasiel expressed her sympathy for children with autism.

An autistic boy living in Peru.

Nem, one the subjects of Debbie Rasiel’s project, attends the exhibition.

Exhibition “Nhin – Picturing Autism Vietnam” attracts a lot of visitors.

Friends and colleagues congratulate Debbie Rasiel for the exhibition’s success.

Nguyen Van Hoa, grandfather of Nguyen Hai Dang who is a child with autism in Quang Ninh, was emotional when Debbie came to take pictures of his grandson. Attending the exhibition, he could feel that Debbie took photographs with love for autistic children.

Over the course of time of photographing children, Debbie realised the lack of awareness of autism in Vietnam, which hindered the proper support from the wider public. “Children with autism I met in Vietnam are smart and talented but their skills have yet to be developed. I hope there will be some institutions for people with autism in Vietnam to live and work like in other countries that I visited to launch my project,” she shared.

Story: Ngan Ha – Photos: Khanh Long