Several hotels and accommodations located near the An Thuong night market in Ngu Hanh Son District have expressed concerns as the noise from this popular attraction leads to complaints and cancellations from tourists.

Tieu Anh Thu, the manager of TMS Hotel Danang Beach, which is adjacent to the An Thuong night market, has reported an increase in complaints about the disruptive noise since the market opened.

Many guests have left negative reviews on booking platforms, citing the constant noise as a major hindrance to their sleep, even with their doors closed.

In addition, many visitors have expressed reluctance to explore the surrounding areas due to the excessively loud sound.

All shops in the night market use loudspeakers, competing for attention with loud music.

Furthermore, the nightly entertainment at the market, including lotto singing and karaoke, may not appeal to foreign tourists due to their noisy and unrefined nature.

A music performance with loudspeakers at the An Thuong night market in Da Nang District, central Vietnam. Photo: A.T. / Tuoi Tre

A music performance with loudspeakers at the An Thuong night market in Da Nang City, central Vietnam. Photo: A.T. / Tuoi Tre

Many other accommodation facilities around the An Thuong night market have also received similar complaints.

Long Hoang, the owner of a rental apartment building in the vicinity, stated that his foreign tenants have given negative reviews regarding the loud activities at the market late into the night.

Therefore, these businesses have appealed to authorities to regulate the music shows and noise levels at the night market and to conduct a satisfaction survey among visitors and businesses in the area to assess the impact of the market.

Tan Van Vuong, the deputy director of the Da Nang Department of Tourism, responded to the appeal by conducting an inspection and holding discussions with the People’s Committee of Ngu Hanh Son District.

The department plans to temporarily suspend the music performances at the market for a review to ensure that the activities are conducted professionally, politely, and in a civilized manner.

In particular, there will be a focus on promoting high-quality and soothing art performances like guitars and violins to enhance the ambiance of the night market, Vuong stated.