The event features the participation of nearly 100 Korean artists from 12 troupes, along with 20 students from Duy Tan University in Da Nang who took part in the event.

Both groups elegantly showcased the Korean costume hanbok or the Vietnamese traditional long dress Ao Dai before joining a parade on the banks of the Han River.

The event also introduced Korean musical instruments such as Jang-gu, kkwaenggwari, Sogo, and Buk to both the local community and tourists.

The Vietnam-RoK culture exchange festival, taking place from September 7 to September 9, is part of the series of activities celebrating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and South Korea.

In addition, the festival will feature a Taekwondo showcase performed by the Korean club Seung Ri, providing an exciting highlight.

Furthermore, the festival will offer 60 stalls displaying Vietnamese and Korean cuisine for visitors to savor. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in folk games and cooking contests.

The festival will culminate with the final round of the Vietnam-RoK Talent competition, featuring over 20 performances from talented individuals representing both countries.