Da Lat is known for its unique and aromatic strawberries, which are grown in the region due to its favorable climate and land. According to local resident Nguyen Hoang Vinh, who has been growing strawberries for 30 years, the fruit is fresh, beautiful, and of high quality. It has become a must-try fruit for many visitors to Da Lat.

The cultivation of strawberries in Da Lat dates back to the early 20th century when they were introduced by the French. This makes Da Lat the oldest location for strawberry farming in Vietnam, as Vinh mentioned.

Vinh also shared a folk tale about the origin of strawberry plants. According to the story, a fairy was tasked by the Jade Emperor to create a special plant in her royal garden. To accomplish this, she sought advice from the owners of various beautiful gardens in the lower world. However, it was a young female gardener with a sad face who captured the fairy’s attention. The girl created a new kind of plant by making dots on a piece of earth, each dot representing a wave of love from her heart. The fairy named this new plant “Strawberry” before returning to heaven.

The girl was amazed to see the young plant sprout and grow. She took great care of it until the first red strawberries appeared. The fragrance of these ripe fruits spread throughout the garden, bringing happiness to the girl.

Since then, strawberry cultivation has become the main agricultural activity in Da Lat and its surrounding areas. Large quantities of high-quality strawberries are supplied to markets and supermarkets nationwide. This not only provides farmers with a stable income but also attracts tourists to visit and pick strawberries, contributing to the development of tourism in Da Lat.

According to herbalist Luong Minh Tuan from the Centre of Traditional Medicine in Hanoi, strawberries have various health benefits. They help strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight, and may even help prevent cancer. Individuals with high cholesterol, diabetes, or blood hypertension are recommended to consume strawberries daily. Strawberries can be enjoyed fresh, in juice form mixed with yogurt, in salads with other fruits and vegetables, or used as a tasty ingredient in custards or jams, as suggested by Tuan.