Da Lat in harmony

During the last days of 2020, Ly Tu Trong street in Da Lat, Lam Dong, was busy with the "Da Lat in Harmony" exhibition. Twenty-eight large photos by four photographers were displayed on the street, attracting many people.


Photos displayed on the road Ly Tu Trong.

Truc Cong

Truc Cong (Cong Huyen Ton Nu Ngoc Truc) specializes in capturing the images of endemic birds across country, including Lam Dong. “I started taking pictures as a hobby, but now it has taken up most of my free time. My rule in photography is to come and go leaving only footprints and hope everyone can do the same”.

Do Thanh Cong

Do Thanh Cong is a florist, so it come as no surprise that he loves macro photography.

“From the very first day I took up photography, I have been fascinated by the small things around me, small insects, flowers and grass and especially the dewdrops on the flowers in the early morning. When I capture those moments, it makes me realize that there are many beautiful things around us that not everybody notices because we are too busy being swept away in the hurry up of life.”

Hoai Linh

Hoai Linh used to be a reporter and editor. Linh produced a collection of photos on local culture almost immediately after moving to Da Lat. “The traditional cultures of the Ma, K’ho and Churu ethnic groups compelled me to pick up a camera and go deep into the lives of people here to understand, to capture, to share emotions with people and legends that are sinking into the past day by day.”

Ly Hoang Long

Ly Hoang Long came to the exhibition with the theme of daily life. “I have a habit of wandering and wherever I go I seek out local markets such as Can Cau fair and Go Gang hat market. For me, a market is not merely a place of goods being sold, but a place that reflects the strongest part of the local culture. Vietnamese markets, apart from local characteristics, always share some common points: The street vendors carrying heavy goods on their shoulders, creating a symmetrical shaping with the conical hat bearing the marks of countless sunny and rainy seasons through time”.

The three-month “Da Lat in Harmony” exhibition opened on December 17, 2020 on Ly Tu Trong street leading up to Dinh hill.

Story: Ly Hoang Long – Photos: Truc Cong, Do Thanh Cong,
Hoai Linh & Ly Hoang Long