Da Lat cafe promotes green tourism

If you visit Da Lat, you should not miss the chance to enjoy natural drinks while taking a tour on clean farming at Green Box cafe.

Da Lat is known as a city that is leading the country in producing safe vegetables and fruits with advanced technology. Green Box cafe is promoting clean farming in this central highlands city.

Visiting Green Box, visitors can enjoy fresh and clean fruit juices while exploring the process of producing clean farm products.

Green Box is designed like a greenhouse, a typical model for growing vegetables and flowers in Da Lat.

The green space of the cafe is divided into different sections for drinking, shopping, plant growing, farm produce processing and farming tool display.

The space for drinking impresses visitors with its delicate decorations. On each coffee table is a vase of flowers or vegetables grown at the farm behind the cafe.

The hydroponics section draws major attention of visitors for its beautiful green vegetables and colourful fruits. Visitors will be told by Tran Huy Duong, the owner of Green Box, how the farm products are grown and produced here. They can also harvest vegetables themselves or enjoy fresh red strawberries at the farm. If visitors wish to learn how to grow vegetables themselves, they will get useful advice from Duong.

The cafe makes visitors feel like entering a green box.

The green entrance of the cafe.

Typical design of Green Box as a cafe for green tourism.

Inside the green cafe.

The nature friendly space of Green Box.

The cafe is designed like a typical Da Lat farm.

Pumpkins are displayed in the drinking section.

Clean fresh fruit juices are a favourite of Green Box customers.

In the shopping section, visitors can buy all Da Lat specialties, including wine, artichoke tea, dried persimmon and fruit juices.Next to the shopping area is the processing section where visitors can select fresh and safe fruits and make juice themselves.

  • No sugar
  • No water
  • No ice

Are Green Box’s commitments to its drinks which are all made safely and hygienically from the products grown on the farm behind the cafe.

Tran Huy Duong said the idea of designing Green Box as a greenhouse came after he visited models of green agriculture tourism in Malaysia and Japan.

Based on hi-tech farming conditions in Da Lat and visitors’ needs, Green Box was launched and has attracted a good number of customers and visitors.

The cafe became a popular destination during the 2017 Da Lat Flower Festival. It is also a favourite place for students majoring in agriculture and bio-technology to visit to study and practice.-

Students from Can Tho University on a study tour to Green Box.

The area of hydroponic and aeroponic growing of vegetables andflowers.

Tourists in Da Lat find Green Box an interesting place to visit.

Visitors can learn about hi-tech farming at Green Box.

Plants grown with hydroponics and aeroponics technology make the cafe special.

Visitors can pick tomatoes themselves and make their own drinks at Green Box.

Strawberries harvested fresh from the farm of Green Box.

Natural fruit juices for sale at Green Box.

The area for displaying farming tools.

Address: 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, ward 2, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province
Open: 7h -22h. Tel: 0633821234
By Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat