As the highlight of a series of cultural activities to mark the 47th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975-2022), the event aims to honour and promote the cultural values of craft villages and craft streets, promote tourism development, and promote the image of Hanoi Old Quarter in particular and Hanoi Capital in general.

Kim Ngan Communal House was turned into a space to introduce a series of traditional musical instruments products from the craft village of Dao Xa (Ung Hoa District, Hanoi).

As a craft village more than 200 years old, since the middle of the 19th century, talented craftsmen of Dao Xa Village have brought their families and relatives to Thang Long Citadel (now Hanoi) to open Hang Dan Street and set up trade guilds in 36 old streets of Hanoi.

With diligence and ingenuity, the craftsmen in Dao Xa have made sophisticated musical instrument products, contributing to the bustle of the craft wards and craft streets, as well as becoming an inseparable part of the heritage from "Hanoi’s 36 old streets". Traditional musical instruments such as dan bau (monochord), dan nguyet (double-stringed lute) and dan tam thap luc (a 36-stringed musical instrument) were introduced, showing that the quintessence of the old traditional craftsmen is still continued today.

Also, during this time, many heritage destinations and cultural exchanges in the old town simultaneously launched a series of unique and attractive cultural activities.

At the Hanoi Old Quarter Culture Exchange Centre, No. 50 Dao Duy Tu Street, Hang Buom Ward, a documentary photo exhibition themed "Vietnamese traditional musicians and music" took place, introducing 60 photos taken in Vietnam in the late 19th century (circa 1870-1899), collected and digitally restored from many domestic and foreign sources.

Students visit a photo exhibition about traditional music.

At the Arts and Culture Centre, at No. 22 Hang Buom, Hang Buom Ward, there are documents and artifacts themed "Memories of 22 Hang Buom" and "Memories of To River", introducing one of the most representative streets of the city which is located along the river, specialising in selling boat-related supplies.

At the Ho Guom Cultural Information Centre at No. 2, Le Thai To, Hang Trong, the organising board also displayed and introduced posters to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975-2022), International Labour Day (May 1), and President Ho Chi Minh’s 132nd birthday anniversary.

This is a series of paintings created in the period 1970-1995. With their talents, enthusiasm, revolutionary enthusiasm and profound artistic vibes, the painters have made great contributions to mobilising the entire Party, people and army to be determined to successfully realise the noble goal of building Vietnam.

Exhibition activities in Hanoi’s Old Quarter will take place from now until the end of May 3.