Speaking at the event held at the University of Turin on November 8, Dr. Sandra Scagliotti, the Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Turin city, emphasized that Vietnam and Italy have enjoyed 50 years of friendly relations and cooperation, despite the geographical distance between them.

The two countries share various cultural similarities, such as the presence of French-style architecture in buildings in both Turin and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as similar culinary habits and languages.

During the presentation titled “Chao Ciao Italy,” Vietnamese Cai Luong artist Linh Huyen drew attention to cultural traditions that are shared among typical Vietnamese and Italian families. For instance, she highlighted the pivotal role of the mother who manages almost everything at home, the practice of three generations living together within an extended family, and the custom of worshiping the Kitchen God, which can be found in both Italy’s Pompeii and various localities in Vietnam.

Additionally, Italian designer Maria Elena Di Terlizzi shared her experiences in designing the ‘ao dai’ – a symbolic garment associated with the beauty of Vietnamese women yet infused with the feminine characteristics of Western women.

She also introduced two ‘ao dai’ that she created using materials entirely made in Italy, while still retaining the traditional Vietnamese ‘ao dai’ design. The designer expressed her desire to organize an ‘ao dai’ fashion show in the near future to promote this beautiful Vietnamese attire created with Italian materials.

Attendees of the talk show unanimously agreed that the cultural similarities between Vietnam and Italy foster a sense of closeness and significantly contribute to strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries.