The contest aims to connect and inspire people’s passion for reading, thereby developing reading culture and spreading knowledge in the community, arousing the aspiration to develop the country.

It is expected to help to promote the creativity and diversity of reading forms, renew communication methods on reading culture to meet the requirements of digital transformation, and ensure the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic.

With the theme "Cuon Sach Toi Yeu" (My favourite book), the contest is aimed at people who are studying, working and living in Vietnam (from 6 years old and up).

Contestants must create video clips to introduce and share their feelings about one or more of their favorite books that have had a positive impact on them. The video clips are posted on the "Cuon Sach Toi Yeu " section of the "Sach và Tri tue Viet" (Books and Vietnamese Wisdom) channel at the address: /UCjOLCv_OKx81z3X0SySqtDw

The videos will voted on by the public. The voting results will form the basis for the organising board to evaluate and rank the prizes.

Entries are scored through online voting for Views, Likes, and Shares on the Youtube channel "Sach và Tri Tue Viet".

The awards ceremony of the contest will be held in Hanoi in November 2021.