Situated some 300 kilometers from Hanoi, Lung Cung Mountain, known as the roof of Mu Cang Chai – a tourist district in Yen Bai Province.

In mid-October, when the weather is cool, tourists flock to Yen Bai to conquer the 2,913-meter-tall mountain and freely admire the beauty of the northwestern region as it prepares for the bitter cold winter season.

Lung Cung, one of Vietnam’s 10 highest mountains, is located in Nam Co Commune – the most remote commune of Mu Cang Chai District. It is known for terraced rice fields, virgin forests, and wild and majestic waterfalls.

Recently, Lung Cung began to emerge as a new destination for young people who have already visited Fansipan, Lao Than, and Ta Chi Nhu Mountains.

The road to the mountain challenges even the most skillful riders in the region. Photo: Hong Quang / Tuoi Tre

After nearly six hours of travelling on the Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway and National Highway 32, visitors to Lung Cung wind up in Tu Le Town, Mu Cang Chai District where they can enjoy the local specialty – steamed glutinous rice.

Afterwards, visitors typically hitch a ride with local motorbike taxi drivers to make the 20-kilometer journey from the heart of Tu Le Town through the remote villages of Mu Cang Chai to Lung Cung Mountain.

Though the road is tough, the landscapes along the route are worth the journey thanks to spectacular waterfalls rising above terraced rice fields.

Stunning waterfalls on the way to Lung Cung Mountain. Photo: Hong Quang / Tuoi Tre

Vegetation on the mountain is extremely diverse, with virgin, moss-covered forests housing many species of animals, such as monkeys and squirrels.

Once at the mountain, the hike begins with a five-kilometer climb to a basecamp that sits 2,500 meters above sea level.

Then, the next morning, the three-meter hike to make it to the summit by sunrise begins at 4:00 am.

On winter days between November and February, the mountain is a good place for cloud hunting.

After climbing the mountain for about an hour, Hau Chua La Waterfall exposes a stunning virgin forest. Photo: Hong Quang / Tuoi Tre

Lung Cung is among the few mountains in Vietnam with a virgin forest. Photo: Hong Quang / Tuoi Tre

Although they fail to hunt clouds, tourists experience the imposing forests, mountain and waterfalls. Photo: Hong Quang / Tuoi Tre

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