Every day at 14:00, technicians of City Children’s Hospital rehearse for two children Truc Nhi (left) and Dieu Nhi with rehabilitation therapy exercises from easy to difficult. Each exercise is mostly attended by parents of two children. In the photo, a speech therapist guides eating exercises for about 30 minutes for two children to practice using a spoon to scoop food.

Hoang Truc Nhi and Hoang Dieu Nhi, now 14 months old, are twin sisters who used to be conjoined in the abdomen and pelvis, face to face position, extremely rare in the world. Two months ago, nearly 100 doctors from major hospitals in the South successfully organized a major surgery to separate the two babies.

The physiotherapist trained Truc Nhi to sit up on her own and stretch the pelvic muscles. This is the first movement exercise, helping the baby to sit on his own, and sit firmly.

Laying Dieu Nhi down on the floor, the physiotherapist and her mother – Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy support the baby to perform the bridging movement, a strong exercise that helps the baby’s hip and leg muscles bear good load, supporting for the upcoming training.

For each exercise, two children are arranged by experts in different spaces with different colors and materials.

Technician Do Thi Bich Thuan, Head of the Department of Rehabilitation and parents of two children Truc Nhi and Dieu Nhi, let the two sisters perform exercises to develop motor function, helping the baby stimulate the sense of self and money. family and develop sitting balance.

Truc Nhi was supported by her mother and experts in standing exercises by holding onto a steel frame.

The two children are trained by their parents and physiotherapists to balance on the stroller. This is also a rare moment of fun for the two sisters in the Rehabilitation Department campus before continuing the day’s therapeutic exercises.

After playing, Dieu Nhi (left) and Truc Nhi move on to speech therapy exercises to develop pre-literacy and communication skills. Two children take about 10 minutes for this exercise.

At the hospital bed, Doctor Nguyen Thi Cam Xuyen encouraged Truc Nhi to practice crawling. The 14-month-old girl was able to support herself on two legs and use the strength of her hands. The baby crawled with difficulty, but tried very hard.

Truc Nhi smiled when she saw the camera lens. Lying on the bed, she often crawls and jokes when she meets the nurses.

Dieu Nhi raised her hand high and swayed while listening to music.

Technician Do Thi Bich Thuan, Head of Rehabilitation Department of City Children’s Hospital, said that the women’s health is progressing very well, especially intelligence, alertness and cheerfulness. “The children’s legs were close together, stronger, were able to stand in a short time. Hopefully, in the next two months, when the baby stands firmly, the leg axis is straight, no need to hold on to the handrail, she will start learning to walk,” said Mrs. Thuan.

As soon as she was carried to the bed next to her, Dieu Nhi immediately hugged and held Truc Nhi’s hand.

The two children know how to pose when the whole family takes pictures. Every day when it’s time to eat and drink milk, parents are always there to feed the two babies with the nurses.

“Seeing two healthy, active children, I felt very relieved and cried tears of joy. The family would like to thank all the doctors and nurses at City Children’s Hospital for helping the two children to be as healthy as they are today,” said Tran Thi Hong Thuy, the baby’s mother.