The exhibition, set to wrap up next April, will take visitors on a journey to the four corners of France, from the city to the countryside and from the mountains to the sea, to discover French festivals without leaving HCM City.

Among them, the Festival of Lights in Lyon, the Christmas markets in Strasbourg, the Carnival of Guadeloupe and the Bayonne festivals will undoubtedly give Vietnamese visitors a reason to travel to France.

A series of photographs of these festivals are posted on the outer walls of the building of the French Consulate General at 6 Le Duan Boulevard in HCM City’s District 1.

“Through the exhibition, we expect to show Vietnamese visitors the importance of festivals in French people’s lives and the uniqueness of each festival,” said Pavillon-Grosser.

In 2021, France welcomed over 45 million international tourists thanks to its landscapes and festivals.

“The exhibition is aimed at stimulating local tour operators to launch more tours to France and send more Vietnamese travelers to the country,” she added.