The Cam Ca Club’s third season of "Popular music learning" programme opened in an eager atmosphere with the participation of students who love traditional ethnic musical instruments. After only a very short time of getting acquainted with, approaching and recognising each instrument, learning music theory and musical notes, the rustic sound of the ‘dan tranh’ (Vietnamese 16-string zither) began to resound in the classroom.

True to the name "Popular music learning", the course takes place for nearly two months with the goal of popularising basic musical knowledge for those who love and want to learn traditional ethnic musical instruments.

“Popular music learning” is a programme to help people overcome the initial difficulties of the art, such that, if they are passionate, each student can find a suitable journey to pursue the study of playing the traditional musical instrument of their choice.

In its three years of maintaining operation, the Cam Ca Club has attracted increasingly large numbers of students, creating conditions for anyone, anywhere, to learn music. As such, the ages of participants in the third season of "Popular music learning" programme are diverse, ranging from primary school students to working people.

This third season also features the companionship of the Classical Music Club of the National Economics University in Hanoi, with the skilful combination of some Western musical instruments such as guitar, piano and drums, along with musical instruments that light the fire of enthusiasm for learners. Understanding and wanting to preserve traditional musical heritage is the common path of Cam Ca Club members.

Overcoming the difficulties of the COVID-19 epidemic in the second season, continuing the new journey of third season, Chairman of Cam Ca Club Le Ha Thu said: Cam Ca is the 40th art club of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Although appearing late, the influence of Cam Ca is not small in the mission of preserving and developing traditional Vietnamese music.

Cam Ca Club now has branches at several universities, while the number of members is increasing.

Cam Ca Club’s lecturers are all young people who are students of Vietnam National Academy of Music and some other universities.

The Cam Ca Club’s group of teachers often receive professional guidance from lecturers and ethnic violinists to perfect the teaching curriculum for students. As the person who directly teaches the ‘dan bau’ (Vietnamese traditional monochord), has loved the instrument since she was a child, Le Ha Thu as well as the instructors in the club bring enthusiasm to convey passion and positive energy to the students.

Most of the students of "Popular music learning" are young people, so the curriculum and how to disseminate knowledge about traditional musical instruments is also being approached from the perspective of young people. Not only do they play familiar songs, the group has also renewed the performance of the songs by combining dan bau with beatbox rhythms. The cover of film music Mat Biec (Dreamy Eyes) attracted nearly 4,000 likes, more than 1,000 comments and 550 shares on the film’s official fanpage. New music products of young artists are performed by traditional ethnic instruments that bring freshness and charm to the melody, that attract the audience’s attention.

After a period of persistence and dedication, up to now, Cam Ca Club has become a guest and participated in many performances in projects and events such as science and technology book exhibitions, performances in the streets, and programmes on introducing ethnic musical instruments to children at skill and career orientation summer camps.

The image of club members in five-body ao dai has become a familiar sight in art performances, music exchanges and fundraising activities. The journey is not long, but Cam Ca Club has played a small part in transmitting awareness and spreading love and passion for traditional Vietnamese folk music.

Choosing the theme of "Dong Tam" (Concentricity) for the third season of "Popular music learning ", with the desire of the same soul to connect with each other through traditional music, Cam Ca Club does not stop at creating a playground for people who love ethnic musical instruments, but also aims to give the members the opportunity to perform and be passionate about Vietnamese traditional music instruments, such that these sounds are held onto and spread.