Dao Thi Bich, Ly Thi Hung, and Khong Thi Tranh, lifelong friends from Bac Giang City in northern Vietnam, share a special bond that dates back to their childhood. They grew up in Song Khe 1 Village, where bamboo basket weaving was a common craft. From weaving baskets together as children to becoming close friends, their friendship has stood the test of time.

When Bich was 15 years old, she met her future husband, Nguyen Van Vinh. Interestingly, Vinh also had two close friends, Dao Van Phuc and Dao Huu Cuong. As fate would have it, the destinies of the two couples, Hung-Phuc and Tranh-Cuong, became intertwined.

“The three guys expressed affection for the three of us,” Bich fondly recalled.

All three couples got married at the end of 1993.

Three close girlfriends wearing ‘ao dai’ (Vietnam’s traditional long gown) at their 30th wedding anniversary in Bac Giang Province, northern Vietnam. Photo: Kun Mon

After 30 years, these three families now have children and grandchildren. They come together whenever one family needs assistance or there is a celebration. Two years ago, on Bich and Vinh’s 28th wedding anniversary, the three couples decided to celebrate their joint 30th wedding anniversary.

They engaged in various activities together, such as ordering matching ao dai and suits for the anniversary, choosing the date, and taking anniversary photos. One particular highlight was the presence of Phuc and Hung’s family, who traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to Bac Giang with their children and grandchildren to join in this special celebration.

“We arranged 50 guest tables,” Bich said.

“Although it happened two days ago, the memories are still fresh in our minds.”

On December 16, the pearl anniversary celebration of these three close friend couples took place in a spacious hall filled with joyous vibes.

Three close friends celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in Bac Giang Province, northern Vietnam. Photo: Kun Mon

Compared to 30 years ago, the celebration was grander and included more special guests — the children and grandchildren of the three couples.

“I’m delighted to be a part of my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary,” said Nguyen Thi Lien, Bich’s daughter.

“Your beautiful friendship sets an example for us, and we hope to follow in your footsteps.”

After images from this unique wedding anniversary were shared, the remarkable friendship caught the attention of numerous netizens. Thousands of comments poured in, expressing admiration for the strong bond and endearing story.

In a humorous vein, many netizens playfully made pacts to hold weddings in the same year as soon as they find a partner, all in the hopes of celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary together.