People’s Artist Tong Toan Thang, vice director of the Vietnam Circus Federation, said the performance is part of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s efforts to revive cultural events.

“As an agency managed by the ministry, we received the encouragement of Minister Nguyen Ngoc Thien to revive local culture, entertain audiences and give artists a chance to perform,” said Thang.

The performance comprises circus acts such as magic, clowns, swinging and acrobatics.

“Through the language of circus, we tell a story of brave people who stick their lives to the sea and face the force of dangerous pirates who destroy the environment and attack good people,” said Thang.

“We send a message that with bravery and solidarity, we will defeat all bad evils.”

Thang revealed that Pirates is based on the old show but this year, it was redirected and was invested in sound and light effects.

“We also focus on combining other types of performing arts with the circus, using impressive costumes to highlight the circus acts, for example, artists dressed as jellyfish will dance and swing in a fantasy space designed like an ocean bottom, it will be very impressive,” he said.

The show includes 50 artists who are eager to return to the stage, as well as parrots, who will perform in a Vietnamese circus act for the first time, inspired by the blockbuster movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

The shows will take place at the Vietnam Circus Federation, 67-69 Tran Nhan Tong street, Hanoi. Ticket prices range from VND120,000-200,000. Part of the proceeds will be donated to orphans at Thien Huong Pagoda, My Hao district, the northern province of Hung Yen.