Churches in Hanoi brilliantly decorated for Christmas

As Christmas is knocking on the door, many churches in Hanoi are decorated with vibrant colors that stand out when the night falls, attracting a large number of people to visit.


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one of the most famous churches, St. Joseph’s Cathedral stands out with a giant Christmas tree, in harmony with the church’s architecture. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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Lying in the center of Hanoi, the church is familiar to tourists. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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Photo: Bao Tin Tuc
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The miniature scene “The rock cave where Jesus was born” is impressively decorated. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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The tens-of-meter-tall Christmas tree attracts lots of tourists. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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Tourists love to take pictures of this solemn yet vibrant church. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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Churches in Hanoi leave lights on all night. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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Parishes of churches from the center to the suburbs of Hanoi are decorated with twinkling lights to bring a warm Christmas atmosphere to the parishioners. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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(Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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Shops and supermarkets are also brightly decorated for the upcoming Christmas. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)
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On the street, there are miniatures and souvenir stalls of colors, all bring to the Christmas festival atmosphere to the city. (Photo: Bao Tin Tuc)