Chu Dau Pottery: Revitalizing Vietnam’s cultural quintessence

 Chu Dau pottery from Nam Sach District in the northern province of Hai Duong was an elite pottery genre of the 13th century “rice civilization” and was honored as royal symbols at the end of 17th century. After centuries of waning popularity, the historic handicraft has been revitalized and is currently being preserved and promoted by the Chu Dau Ceramic JS Company.

revitalizing vietnams cultural quintessence

Its appearance, enamel, motifs and decorative patterns exemplify Vietnam’s cultural essence and depict the traditional values, beliefs, philosophy and spirit of the Vietnamese people.

The patterns on Chu Dau pottery depict the natural scenery and life of the Red River Delta inhabitants, such as herdsmen with buffaloes, birds sitting on flowers, fish in the water, and roofs by the rivers.

The handmade Chu Dau ceramics are displayed in 46 museums around the world, including Tokyo, Istanbul and New York, with some being valued at millions of dollars.

These days, the pottery is sold domestically and exported to Europe, America, and Asia, among other markets. It is sold as gifts, household items, decorations, and as a Vietnamese cultural symbol used by the government, organizations and enterprises in important diplomatic events.

Pham Tiep