The exhibition at Hawaii Art Space at 5A/2 Tran Phu Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City is the fourth showcase of watercolors by Hong Quan.

The artworks were displayed for art enthusiasts until August 15.

The artist’s previous three exhibitions were titled Mekong Delta Rivers in 2019, The Most Affectionate in 2022, and Sunny Days in 2023.

Elegant and delicate artworks

Hong Quan’s paintings portray a sense of calmness, warmth, and deep affection.

He captures universal and simple aspects of nature, society, and people’s lives.

The familiar and nostalgic emotions that these watercolors evoke in viewers seem to momentarily transport them back to their hometowns, freeing them from their daily concerns.

Houses and boats on the Hau River

‘Houses and Boats on the Hau River’ by artist Hong Quan

In the painting Houses and Boats on the Hau River, viewers can immerse themselves in the familiar scenes of the Mekong Delta region.

In Blue Sea, they witness fishermen engaging in conversations after returning from their fishing trips.

They can also enjoy the refreshing green landscapes in The Season of Ripe Plums and Beautiful Sunny Day.

Additionally, the artist presented a painting that recalls the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic, but from a positive perspective in The Pharmacy in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Indeed, capturing the beauty of simple things is a captivating challenge.

As an artist who has received formal training in oil painting, Hong Quan has skillfully utilized his strong grasp of descriptive geometry in his transition to watercolor painting.

Thanks to this proficiency, he can express his emotions and sentiments delicately.

There is an old saying that suggests you can know more about an artist by looking at their artworks.

Hong Quan’s paintings immerse viewers in an endearing, accessible, friendly, and generous world, representing the common perception of people residing in the southern part of Vietnam.

Presenting a highly realistic depiction of life, Hong Quan’s artwork radiates positive energy, devoid of negative sensations often found in other artists’ portrayals of similar subjects.

Breaking the mold to find the beauty in simplicity

Nguyen Trung Tin, vice president of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association in charge of the southern region, remarked that Hong Quan has reminded viewers of the values from the past through his unique interpretation of life’s simple beauty amidst contemporary art movements.

Artist Hong Quan stands in front of his watercolors at the exhibition. Photo: Huynh Vy / Tuoi Tre

Artist Hong Quan stands in front of his watercolors at the exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Huynh Vy / Tuoi Tre

Hong Quan’s art style can be perceived as a deliberate departure from prevailing trends, captivating visitors through his meticulous portrayal of thoughts and sentiments using a simple yet profound painting approach.

“I greatly admire artist Hong Quan for his dedication, focus, and meticulous skills. His life has been full of interesting changes and he has traveled to numerous places,” Tin expressed on the exhibition’s opening day.

“His watercolors serve as a travelogue, capturing his impressions and emotions during his journeys across different parts of the country.”

Tin believes that even though Hong Quan employs watercolors as his medium, he does not rush or work hastily.

On the contrary, he paints deliberately and attentively, applying each stroke and layer of color just as he did with oil paintings.

Perhaps this approach will enable Hong Quan to establish a distinctive artistic style in Ho Chi Minh City, where watercolor painting has flourished in recent years.

A visitor looks at a painting in Hong Quan's exhibition. Photo: Huynh Vy / Tuoi Tre

A visitor looks at a painting at Hong Quan’s exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Huynh Vy / Tuoi Tre

The newly opened Hawaii Art Space exhibition center aspires to become a gathering place for artists and art collectors in Vietnam.

“We aim to assist young and emerging artists in showcasing their artworks to the public,” stated Minh Tram, a representative of Hawaii Art Space.

“In the future, we hope the center will evolve into a hub for culture and creative enthusiasts, particularly among the younger generation.”

Sunny Day by artist Hong Quan

‘Sunny Day’ by artist Hong Quan